ONE, Choose! You will need to choose the individual certificate program or combination program from the certificate page that will fulfill your educational and career goals. You will scroll to the bottom of the description page to find the “Training Dates” tab. Click on that tab and choose course dates!

TWO, Fill out the enrollment forms! You will click on the “Admission” tab and find the “Training Registration Form.” Everyone needs to fill this out to enroll in a class. If you are a Veteran with intention of using VA Education benefits you will also be required to fill out the “VA Residency Enrollment Form” located right next to the “Training Registration Form.” (Usually this step requires less than 10 minutes)

THREE, Call the ESI offices at 1.800.874.0888 to make your deposit (non-refundable), and reserve your seat! $500 for 29 day programs/$250 for 16 day training programs

We like to visit with each enrolling student to confirm class dates and requirements and go over details of the training program selected.

** Military Veterans will receive earliest Priority Date based on their official registration date and class availability.

743 Horizon Drive Ste. 200-A
Grand Junction, CO 81506

Phone: 1-800-874-0888