Advance WorkAdvance work is one of the most important components of providing executive protection services, but what is an advance? If you are new to the world of executive protection this task may be something you have never heard of; the advance is what separates bodyguards from executive protection specialists.

Advance work is the study of factual or estimated information and the activities or arrangements made as it pertains to the location of the arrival of a future client. Advance work takes time and must be done before the client arrives at a particular location. Doing it correctly is tedious, even for seasoned professionals. Special Advance Agents travel in advance and conduct site surveys, which assess the risks, need for manpower and equipment, and accessibility of hospitals and evacuation routes for emergencies.

To make doing an advance easier you will usually use a checklist the checklist will include things such as:

  • Principal and destination risk profiles
  • Trip itinerary
  • Travel concerns
  • Departure and aircraft information
  • Vehicle and equipment description

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