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Board of Directors

Bob Duggan,
Founder and President
Executive Security International, Ltd.

1973 through 1983, Bob Duggan was a Co-Founder of the Aspen Academy of Martial Arts that invited renowned teachers of many martial art forms to teach at the Academy: Dan Inosanto and Richard Bustillio, Toichi Tohei, Marshal Ho, Joo Bang Lee and a host of exponents of the Asian fighting arts. In the later years, Mr. Duggan served as Director of the Aspen Academy, whereby he recruited and supervised instructors for various Asian disciplines, facilitated logistics, city and county permits, and itinerary for the Academy staff and programs.

In 1980, following several years observing a turbulent Mexico, and at the urging of a member of one of the targeted families in Monterrey, Mexico, Mr. Duggan Founded and became President of Executive Security International Ltd, (ESI). For most of the first three decades, Mr. Duggan designed the core training programs of a combined correspondent-practical curriculum that consisted of nearly 2,000 hours of training in Executive Protection and Protective Intelligence and Investigation. He directly supervised all instructional and course content, modifying the curriculum in response to student and faculty assessment.

In 1989, Mr. Duggan elevated the academic status of ESI’s Certificate programs to an Associate Degree. He wrote the extensive self-evaluation report and supervised the site visit by the accrediting agency. ESI held Accreditation by the U.S. Department of Education and Colorado Department of Higher Education, Vocational Division for two Associate Degrees of Applied Science in Criminal Justice. With the transition into ESI's 3rd decade, Fonda Delcamp accomplished further approvals by Veterans Administration for 9/11 Veterans in fulltime Residency Programs and our On-Line Executive Protection Program.

During the last decade, Bob Duggan concluded that most of the old protective protocols borrowed from the Secret Service have limited utility in most civilian markets. While the professional Domains of close protection have grown into diverse professional careers, Duggan believes that the private sector lacks the budget resources as well as the level of threat to justify large formations to protect clients at Arms-Length. Consequently, resources need to focus on a different set of skills that stress acute observation of human behavior in large crowds of the public arena. For the past decade, teaching Behavioral Intelligence in the form of Hunting the Predator is Mr. Duggan's crucible.

Fonda Gomez-Delcamp, Vice President/Secretary
General Manager Director of Operations
Board of Directors
Executive Security International

Fonda Delcamp is a native of Colorado and after having spent several years living in many different states with the US military, she returned home. Fonda joined the ESI family in 1996. She is the Vice-President/ Secretary of Executive Security International, (ESI) as well as the General Manager. Fonda has been the General Manager and Director of Operations since 1997. Her duties include managing the day to day operations as well as supervising all student financing, VA certification and Sallie Mae. Fonda serves as ESI’s Ombudsman during residency training sessions and has daily contact with the students. Fonda has completed the Associate Degree in Executive Protection, Protective Intelligence and Security Specialist programs.

Brandon Delcamp
Vice President, Operations and Marketing
Board of Directors
Executive Security International

Brandon J Delcamp is the Director of Marketing and Sales for Executive Security International. He is a Certified Protection Specialist, Certified Special Operations Protection Specialist, and a Certified Security Specialist with a tremendous background in management. He has worked for numerous security companies and the largest construction company in the world while deployed in Iraq for two years. His passion is continuing to promote the high standards of Executive Security International. Brandon believes that ESI is not only a cornerstone of the Executive Protection Industry, but a leader, always forging ahead with constantly evolving core curriculum and an ever expanding training portfolio to meet the needs of today's discriminating Protection Agents.

Rodrigo Muñoz, Director ESI-Mexico
Board of Directors
Executive Security International

Rodrigo Muñoz is a Founder and Director of ESI-Mexico. Rodrigo has been associated with ESI since its incorporation in 1980, and completed both ESI's Executive Protection and Protective Intelligence and Investigation training programs during ESI's earliest years. His association with ESI began as a devoted martial artists under Bob Duggan during the 1970's at the Aspen Academy of Martial arts where he was introduced to Hwa Rang Do and became Mexico's first Black Belt in the art under Mr. Duggan's instruction.

Rodrigo was responsible for the establishment of the first ESI Executive Protection training program for the Governor's office in the state of Tamaulipas, Mexico, ESI's first police training programs in the state of Nuevo Leon, ESI's Anti-riot training for state prisons, and Protective Intelligence and Investigation for state agencies. Subsequently, Sr. Muñoz became the Chief of Staff for Governor Cavazos, in charge of the governor's personal security, itinerary and political relations. While Chief of Staff, he instituted an ESI program in Protective Intelligence until the Governor's term of office ended in the year 2000. Following the change in the federal government's ruling political party, Sr. Muñoz was recruited to join Hacienda (Federal Treasury) Aduana Mexico (Customs) as the Director of Intelligence. Prior to Rodrigo's recruitment, Customs Intelligence didn't exist. In order to build an intelligence operation to control the flow of illegal smuggled goods into the country, Sr. Muñoz was promoted to Administrator of Intelligence with more than 50 agents under his direction.

Since leaving Aduana, Rodrigo has been a consultant to two other governors of state governments and the Federal District of Mexico City. Most recently, Rodrigo was ESI's Director of Training for the protective detail of the Governor of Oaxaca, Mexico.

Barry Wilson,
Board of Directors
Executive Security International

Prior to forming Anlance Protection, Barry served in the US Army in the early 70s. He attended Colorado State University , managed several businesses, and later became involved in security consulting, specializing in Executive Protection, Uniformed Security, and Undercover Surveillance.

After graduating from Executive Security International located in Aspen Colorado , Barry formed Anlance Protection in 1991. Anlance has provided Executive Protection for celebrities, political and religious figures, corporations and individuals. Some of These figures include country singer Travis Tritt, actress Stephanie Kramer, and during the visit of Pope John Paul II to Denver , Barry was involved in the protection of the visiting cardinals, bishops, and the media center. Short-term protection has been preformed for Former Vice President of the United States Dan Quayle , Former President of the Soviet Union Mikhail Gorbachev, and Former Secretary of Education William Bennet.

In addition, Anlance agents have protected Fortune 500 Corporations and individuals for the Forbes 400 list both nationally and internationally.

Barry is a member of the ESI Alumni Association, the American Society of Industrial Security (ASIS), the County Sheriffs Association of Colorado, and the National Association of Chiefs of Police. He is an instructor at Executive Security International, Starkey International and a guest instructor at Axiom International in South Africa .

Pete Dordal J
Board of Directors
Executive Security International

Pete Dordal began his career with 8 years in the U.S. Marine Corps, serving in Beirut, Lebanon with the 2nd Reconnaissance Battalion and then at Quantico as a combat skills instructor. He has a degree in Criminal Justice and is a graduate of over 25 formal military, law enforcement and security training courses. He has a Masters degree in Business Administration from the McColl Graduate School of Business and a degree in security administration. A frequent media commentator on terrorism and security issues, he sits on the Board of Directors of Nevins, Inc. and Executive Security International, Ltd., one of the oldest security training academies in the U.S. Pete graduated from ESI in 1984 while still in the Force Recon Unit, and Pete is the principal advisor and consultant on ESI's Special Operations training program. Mr. Dordal was elected to the ESI Board of Directors in 2005.

Mr. Dordal began his private security career with Vance International, which Garda acquired in 2006, where he served as executive protection team leader for a Middle Eastern ambassador to the U.S. and trained the Saudi Arabian Secret Service in advanced protection techniques. During the first Gulf War he went to Saudi Arabia to train that country's Secret Service in advanced protection techniques.

Garda World, the Consulting and Investigation / Global Risks Group of Garda World Security Corporation, one of the most trusted consulting, investigation and security firms in the world, recently appointed Peter Dordal, an accomplished security expert with 26 years experience, as Managing Director of International Security Operations for Garda World.

In his position, he is responsible for the delivery of security services to a variety of government and commercial clients in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Mr. Dordal joined Garda World from a private security services firm he founded in 2004, where he provided specialized business and security consulting to corporate clients, the U.S. government and security business owners. Most recently, Mr. Dordal, who holds top secret security clearance, provided security management services to select U.S. government agencies in Iraq and Afghanistan.

During his career, Mr. Dordal served as President of a large security and investigations firm providing investigative, protective and training services to individuals, corporations, the U.S. Government and friendly foreign nations. He conceived, designed and executed the creation of a security & investigations platform with the acquisition and integration of six companies in three years and oversaw the security of 24,000 employees in 23 countries.

Meb West,
Board of Directors
Executive Security International

Meb West is part-owner and CEO of Seven Spears Security International: A security consulting firm specializing in overseas security support operations for multi-national and international companies. Meb brings to bear his experience from 26 years as an Army Ranger on behalf of his clients to provide proactive and realistic mitigation measures that enable operations in even the most challenging of international arenas.

As a graduate of Wharton Business School and IE Business School in Madrid, Spain, he understands the importance of building any security program on a foundation of solid business principles that bring quantitative value to key stakeholders and which support the strategic vision and culture of the company. Meb has a Master’s Degree in Security Management from American Public University. He graduated from ESI in 2010 and has helped instruct topics such as Threat Assessment and Mitigation, Technology in the Security Industry and the famous shooting curriculum.

Meb has amassed numerous certifications in the security industry to include the American Society of International Security (ASIS) – Certified Protection Professional (CPP), the National Institute for Business Continuity Management (NIBCM) – Certified Continuity Manager (CCM), American Board for Certification in Homeland Security (ABCHS) – Level III (CHS-III), the Anti-Terrorism Accreditation Board (ATAB) – Certified Anti-Terrorism Specialist (CAS), Executive Security International (ESI) – Certified Protection Specialist (CPS) and Certified Security Specialist (CSS), and multiple FEMA certifications.

Elijah Shaw,
Board of Directors
Executive Security International

Elijah J. Shaw is the President of ICON Global, Inc. a security consulting firm specializing in Executive and VIP Protection with an active portfolio that includes corporate Fortune 500 companies, historic high net-worth families, and celebrities.

Elijah is the current director of the North American Bodyguard Association (NABA), and also holds the position of Managing Editor of the Circuit Magazine, an internationally circulated magazine on Executive Protection.

He is a seasoned expert at dealing with the media on topics related to the executive protection industry and has been featured in prestigious publications such as Portfolio, Entrepreneur and Inc. Magazine. In addition he has been interviewed for his expert opinion by major shows such as The Today Show and E! News.

Elijah has previously served for 7 years on the Board of Directors for Women's Advocates, the nation's oldest shelter for women who have been victims of domestic abuse.

Desmond Duggan,
Board of Directors
Executive Security International

Desmond is a product manager with AppDirect, the world's leading app distribution platform. With a reach of more than 30 million customers, AppDirect impacts business by making it easier to find, buy and manage software.

He leads a distributed engineering team and works cross-functionally with sales and design to create world class software.

Before transitioning to AppDirect, Desmond was an R&D engineer with Accenture, a prolific technology consulting firm at the cutting edge of digital transformation happening in the enterprise. At Accenture he filed patents for designs, rallied support for R&D investments, and led projects evangelizing technology from his research.

Desmond studied applied mathematics and computer science at Washington University in St. Louis, where he graduated cum laude. He was the president of the rowing club and competed at the collegiate varsity level in the United States.

For play, Desmond enjoys camping, backpacking, and traveling. In 2016, he become an All World Ironman Athlete by performing in the top 10% of his age group in Ironman triathlon races throughout the world.

Shareholders & Members of
ESI Board of Directors
(Since 1983) 

Douglas R. Casey

Tim Gordon Gillis

In Memoriam

David Richmond

Greg Sherrill

ESI Staff

Brandy Holybee
Director of Educational Development
Office Manager

Brandy began working for ESI in 1998 as an intern while still in high school. After graduation she attended college and joined the staff full time. Ms. Holybee is the mastermind behind the development of ESI on-line education platform and oversees all administration of the program.

Brandy is in daily contact with the on-line education students as the

Director of Educational Development.

Her role as Office Manager include overall customer service and administration for the office.

For play, Desmond enjoys camping, backpacking, and traveling. In 2016, he become an All World Ironman Athlete by performing in the top 10% of his age group in Ironman triathlon races throughout the world.

Stanley Prescott
Training Consultant

Stanley proudly served in the United States Coast Guard, and worked in public safety & EMS. He has over 10 years experience in the private security sector conducting Executive Protection, and Estate Security.

He is an ESI Alumni and has earned the Certified Protection Specialist, Corporate Security Threat Management Specialist, and Certified Security Specialist certificate and credentials.

Eerin Houck
Employment Consultant

Eerin joined ESI in August of 2015 as our Employment Consultant. She has brought with her a long history of Organizational Management and a deeply ingrained sense of Customer Service. Her role within the office is to provide support to both Students and Alumni through resume review as well as the researching and posting of current Employment Opportunities. She is the go-to person for Industry Professionals who are seeking Protection Agents for both long and short term assignments.

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