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Executive Protection Program Residency Program

A 29-Day Residency in Grand Junction, CO. This rigorous program is designed to foster the success of graduates protecting Executive Clients, with a focus on Corporate, Celebrity, and Dignitary Protection, and the wide variety of considerations that contribute to a successful Protective Detail. Other career paths include Chauffeuring, Hotel & Casino Security, Security Services, Corporate Security, and Estate Security. Tuition $8900

Corporate Security Management Residency Program

The 28-Day Corporate Security Management Program (CSM) trains Corporate Security Professionals and Executive Security Officers to manage risks in a corporate setting. The Program will cover Best Practices in a wide range of issues confronting corporate security personnel: Monitoring, Tracking and Responding to Global Crisis whether human or natural. Tuition $7500

PSD Protective Operations Residency Program

The 28-Day PSD Program can be taken as a full-time 28-Day Residency. Pre-requisites for this program are; Former and current military with experience in a combat zone within the last 5 years, former and current law enforcement with experience in an active SWAT or Drug Task Force Team within the last 5 years, or a Graduate from ESI’s Executive Protection Program with a level 1 shooting score within the last 5 years. Training and experience will be reviewed on an individual basis.

The program meets all the requirements of State Department’s Presidential Security Detail (PSD) Protocols and goes beyond these minimum standards to meet the changing tactics of Jihadis who attack convoys, protection details and their principals daily. Defensive procedures must adapt to the ever-changing tactics of a determined and intelligent enemy. ESI’s PSD Protective Operations Course is taught by a staff that is competent and profoundly rooted in the operational side of high threat arenas. Tuition $9900

Designated Defensive Marksmanship Residency Program

This intensive and challenging 21-Day course is designed to prepare students for assignment as a Designated Defensive Marksman (DDM) in support of Protective Security Detail (PSD) Operations.
Given recent urban assaults on innocent civilian populations, this course will offer support to Law Enforcement marksmen.
Civilians with no criminal record are eligible to enroll in this long-range marksman’s program.*
DDMs support protective security operations by gathering real-time intelligence information along routes, chokepoints, and at venue locations and provide over-watch protection of the PSD during walking formations and special events. DDMs assist in the preparation of security arrangements at venue locations; provide counter-surveillance and counter-sniper support, and prevent and deter attacks on the PSD by proactively identifying and interdicting potential threats through the delivery of long-range precision rifle fire and strict application of approved use of force policy.
This is an intensive and highly interactive course that uses various training sites, equipment, and “live-fire” training activities to replicate actual operational environments to facilitate an effective and realistic learning experience. Tuition $10,800

Executive Protection On-line/15 day Resident Training Program

All ESI On-Line Education courses can be purchased individually or as part of a complete Certificate Program. ESI offers the student unique alternatives in the educational and price options from which to choose:

The student will be granted access the ESI On-line Training Website in order to complete the courses. You will be able to acces the site via the Internet regardless of where in the world you find yourself. As long as you have access to the Internet, you can complete your studies at ESI. Because ON-LINE study eliminates the necessity of grading, packaging, shipping, and reproduction of textbooks or digital CDs, ESI has reduced the price of ON-LINE Distance Education by 50% to a little more than $200 per course. One significant difference in the ON-LINE program is that the student is required to purchase the textbooks that ESI does not own the copyright to.

A Program is an assembly of self-selected On-line Education courses and a Residency conducted at ESI’s training facility in White Water and Grand Junction, Colorado. All ESI On-line Education courses have been Peer Reviewed by both the State and Federal regulatory agencies. Tuition $5400

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