Detecting Deception
Statement and Behavioral Analysis**

A 6-Day Certificate Course

Kaaryn Gough, President/CEO
IntegraView Inc.
Ron Allen, Intelligence Analyst

deception detection training

Overview of Deception Detection Training Course

This deception detection training module at ESI is a 6-Day Certificate Course designed to teach the principles of Statement Analysis and Behavioral Analysis–two distinct but highly compatible methods of analysis employed by law enforcement and security personnel around the world. Whether it is conducting interviews for an investigation to discover “what happened” or conducting interviews to gather intelligence, the skills learned in this comprehensive course will significantly boost participants’ abilities to “read” the subject while extracting the most information from him or her—all the while determining if the information is reliable or compromised. The Deception Detection training course will deal with live interview and video-recorded interview situations as well as interview transcripts and hand-written statements.

Combining instruction with interactive exercises and real-world scenarios, the deception detection training course will give participants immediate and practical knowledge and skills that will significantly enhance their interviewing skills and their accuracy when analyzing information gained in an interview.

The deception detection training course is taught by Kaaryn Gough and Ron Allen, two experienced investigators and interview experts who have been engaged by private sector clients, law enforcement, and government departments. Kaaryn and Ron developed this unique course through years of study and experience and offer this powerful training only through select education providers. It is the only course of its kind.


Kaaryn Gough

This deception detection training course component introduces the highly effective method of detecting deception and intelligence gathering through the examination of a subject’s words, linguistic structure, and content. As well as, what information a subject chooses to include and exclude, in a spoken or written statement. Employed by law enforcement, government agencies, legal firms, insurance companies, and private industries around the world, statement analysis is a consistent and systematic method that has proven to be an invaluable investigative tool.

Topics covered in Deception Detection Training:

  1. Defining and understanding deception.
  2. Principles of statement analysis.
  3. Obtaining the best information in an interview.
  4. Discovering the power of pronouns and language tense.
  5. Establishing the subject’s personal dictionary.
  6. Understanding changes in language.
  7. Identifying signals of sensitivity.
  8. Uncovering passive language.
  9. Identifying verbal links and the information they convey.
  10. Establishing the strength of denials and affirmations.
  11. Editing and continuity: Identifying logic conflicts, missing information, and missing time.
  12. Recognizing and deflecting verbal manipulators.


This course component is designed to provide practical methods to detect deception and gather intelligence through the observation and idenficiation of specific physical indicators. These techniques can be applied when conducting interviews in both formal and informal settings. The course material is presented through modules devoted to theory, in-depth analysis of video-taped interviews, interactive exercises and extra curricular assignments.

Topics covered:

  1. Past and present methodologies.
  2. Factors affecting accuracy.
  3. Interview logistics and mindset.
  4. The dynamics of interpersonal communications.
  5. Cultural issues.
  6. Good questions vs. bad questions.
  7. Understanding and observing behavioral indicators of deception.
  8. Determining reliable and compromised responses.
  9. Micro expression analysis.
  10. Practical interview strategies.

**Pending Approval