EP Program Manager/ Team Leader

Intelligence Driven Executive Protection

A 6-Day Certificate Course

executive protection training

program manager training for executive protection

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Filippo Marino, Tegumen Inc.

Overview of Course

This program manager training for executive protection course is designed to allow risk mitigation professionals to develop and lead an intelligence-driven security and risk management role within a corporation or multinational organization. The course of instruction will stress functional knowledge of the intelligence, risk management, and decision-making domains in a business application.

Risk Intelligence and The Intelligence Cycle

Students will learn the corporate applications of the intelligence cycle, standards of practice, and code of conduct appropriate to the modern enterprise. Students will learn how to use open sources of social media, methods, and tools available, and what are the best practices for information management, report writing, and circulation to upper management in a timely and useful format.

As an intelligence-driven course, students will learn measurement principles and methods for risk management and protective operations. They will learn metrics and measurements challenges and how to identify risk priorities and communicate the results to management.

Crisis Management

This course will teach the state of practice of crisis management across corporate America, and how critical information and crisis is managed and communicated within the organization. The student will learn how issues of management converge with executive protection.

In addition to critical executive services, the student will learn the terms of major event security planning whether they are natural or human disasters; they will learn the key roles of operations planning and responsibilities. The course will cover managing critical organizational and external liaisons

Intelligence and Corporate Protective Services

This course will cover program design for protective services and common management principles. Students will learn the PROTECTION MODEL for modern corporations as well as Adaptive vs. Protocol based protective operations.

This course covers executive protective services as a special category within corporate security. The student will learn how protective service practices have evolved in modern and multinational corporations in the information age. Students will learn how to manage information gathered on Groups or Persons of interest (GOI/POI).

Students will learn to distinguish between routine and extemporaneous activities and how to manage close protection in both environments. Incident Management is an integral component of protective services whether human or natural.

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