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Advanced Executive Protection Training

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Start your Executive Protection Career

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All Residency Courses VA Approved

Executive Protection Program
Certified Protection Specialist CPS™

The world isn’t getting any less dangerous. In fact, there is a good argument to be made that it is getting more divisive and chaotic every day. Obtaining your CPS credentials puts you several steps ahead in the marketplace and sets you up for a meaningful, exciting career.

ESI’s world-famous Executive Protection program is an integrated academic and practical training curriculum in executive protection, dignitary protection, personal protection, and celebrity security. The EP training is completed in a 28-Day Residency located in Grand Junction, CO. You can also choose to take 9 modules of On-line training combined with 15-Days of Resident Training.

This is a comprehensive training program is designed to prepare the graduate for a career in corporate, executive, celebrity and dignitary protection. Other career alternatives include chauffeur, courier services, hotel and casino security, industrial and private estate protection.

About the Program

The Executive Protection Program at ESI is a comprehensive training program designed for both beginners and experienced Security Professionals seeking advancement in the industry. This program incorporates both classroom and physical training to equip graduates with the necessary skills required to excel in the Protection Services industry.

Upon completing this extensive training program, each graduate will obtain his/her Certified Protection Specialist (C.P.S.) Credential. The CPS certification from ESI is the Gold Standard in the protection industry. It is highly sought after by employers in both industry and government. It can help you open doors that otherwise would have remained locked.

The Protection Services industry offers a wide array of employment opportunities for those with the proper training. In a recent survey, 85% of ESI students were working in the industry within eight weeks of completing their training. For those who are motivated to make positive changes in their lives, the opportunity is there.​

Why ESI?

ESI has been training Professional Protection Agents for over 35 years and is the Gold Standard in Protection Training. Whether its corporate America, dignitary protection, the celebrity industry, threat assessment, or security, the people that do the hiring know this and they know our graduates are prepared to hit the ground running putting you at the top of the call back list.

Our training standards are what distinguish ESI from any other security training organization. Training to a standard means that students receive an ESI Credential based on performance not for presence in a classroom. All aspects of training at ESI are evaluated by passing team and individual testing in hard and soft skills. Regardless of background, the student is expected to demonstrate comprehension and competence in the skill-sets taught.

We hold ourselves to the highest of standards and are constantly incorporating feedback from the industry into our training programs. You can carry your credentials with pride knowing it represents over 35 years of training experience and is recognized worldwide.

A day doesn’t ever go by, that I don’t stop and thank God, for what you and all of ESI has done for me, in being the stepping stone into this incredible field. I’m the luckiest man alive, I’m cancer free and doing the one thing in life I love doing executive protection.

- Mark D.
Again, I am so thankful for my experience with ESI…it has opened many doors for me. In fact, my last contract over in Iraq was with SOC and I saw a message on the ESI facebook site that talked about the value of training at ESI and pointed out that SOC actually put it in their employment announcement.
- Bill R.
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