Executive Security International, Ltd.
743 Horizon Court, Suite 200-A
Grand Junction, Colorado 81506
On-Line Education Catalog
Vol. 40 Effective January 1, 2020
Revised January 1, 2020
Approved and Regulated by the
Colorado Department of Higher Education,
Private Occupational School Board

Mission Statement

Executive Security International exisits to raise the standard in Executive Protection, PSD Protective Operations, Corporate Security Management and Tactical Medicine through intelligence based training.


In 1980, after a decade as a director of the Aspen Academy of Martial Arts and protection work for celebrities, Bob Duggan created training programs under the egis of Executive Security International, Ltd (ESI). In 1981, ESI was founded as a closely held Colorado Corporation, and the school was approved and regulated by the Colorado Department of Higher Education under the Private Occupational Education Act to offer a 600 hour combined Distance Education and Resident Training Program. In 2012, ESI’s home delivery Distance Education courses were taken ON-LINE.

In 1989, ESI received approval for its Intelligence and Investigation Program, which was further expanded in 1996 to become the highly regarded Protective intelligence Program. In 2005, ESI introduced a series of 28-Day Residency Programs that included Executive Protection and PSD Protective Operations. The 28-Day Tactical 1st Responder Medical and the Corporate Crisis Management Programs followed soon afterwards. The Residencies cover the theory and practical training components in full time format where students complete all of the training in classroom or practical field training. In 2011, ESI’s four week Tactical 1st Responder Medical Program was approved.

In 2012, Bob Duggan created a new educational platform, The International Security Institute, (ISI) for a broad curriculum in the many facets of corporate security and threat management. The International Security Institute is a wholly owned sub-division of ESI.

ESI is approved by the Colorado Office of Veterans Education and Training (COVET) for Veterans Education and Training Benefits.

The industry knows who we are, and they will want to know who you are when they see ESI on your resume. Conducting training since 1980, ESI is an intelligence based Executive Protection, and Corporate Security Training Academy that offers 2000 hours of peer reviewed curriculum from which the student can choose to suit their career goals.

The Colorado Department of Education’s Approved Certification Programs are the following: Security Specialist, PSD Protective Operations, Executive Protection, Corporate Crisis Management, and Tactical 1st Responder Medical. For those who have limited time, ESI also offers a 10-Day Corporate Executive Protection course. ESI offers two formats to students: Full time 28-Day Residencies and a combination of ON-LINE Education and Resident Training.

ESI combines its core training in intelligence and protection into an integrated curriculum. The Residency formats require full time attendance of training in Colorado while a student in the On-line program may enroll at any time in nine independent study courses completed ON-LINE, plus 15-Days of Resident Training in Colorado. This program is approved certifications and ESI Credentials.

ESI TRAINS TO A STANDARD! Whether its corporate America, dignitary protection, the celebrity industry, threat assessment, or security, the people that do the hiring know this and they know our graduates are prepared to hit the ground running putting you at the top of the call back list. Our teaching standards are what distinguish ESI from any other security training organization. Training to a standard means that students receive an ESI Credential based on performance not for presence in a classroom. All aspects of training at ESI are evaluated by passing team and individual testing in hard and soft skills. Regardless of background, the student is expected to demonstrate comprehension and competence in the skill-sets taught in practical exercises and ESI’s signature teaching philosophy.

We hold ourselves to the highest of standards so that you can carry your credential with pride knowing it represents the nearly 40 years of training as recognized by the Colorado Department of Education. All ESI Certificate programs are approved and regulated by the Colorado Department of Higher Education, Division of Private Occupational School Board. ESI offers Credentials in the following specialties: Certified Protection Specialist C.P.S. ™, Certified PSD Protection Specialist, C.P.S.D.S., Certified Corporate Security Management Specialist, C.C.S.M.S,, Tactical 1st Responder Medical, and Certified Security Specialist, C.S.S. Students enroll in ESI’s programs from all over the world, and with the exception of the U.S. Secret Service or State Department, no other training organization teaches protection specialist to such a high standard.