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Executive Protection Online Streaming Training

To celebrate ESI’s 40th year of training Executive Protection Agents, we are excited to announce our new and improved Online Streaming Education Program. 

Many of the courses now feature video lectures from some of the most respected professionals in our industry, providing online students with a more in-class experience from the comfort of their own homes.  ESI’s Online Streaming Education (online) courses can be completed as part of a Certificate Program or taken individually if the student has a specific skill set that they wish to enhance.

This learning method is ideal for students who cannot be away from home for the duration of a Residency Program or do not have the financial resources to do so.  Time away from home is reduced from 28–days for the Residency EP Program to only 16-days for the residency portion of the Online Streaming Program.  During the residency portion, Online students will demonstrate knowledge gained from the online portion and acquire the physical skills necessary for success in the field.  Total tuition to become a “Certified Protection Specialist (CPS)™” through the Online Streaming Program is approximately 60% of the tuition for the full Residency EP Course.

The 16-day residency portion includes our famed “Threat Assessment/Threat Management Plan” as well as real-world simulated operations in the field and the best Defensive Pistol Skills course in the industry.  In addition, this is the time to network with your fellow ESI students who are completing the Residency EP Program.  These relationships with your new ‘ESI brothers and sisters’ will serve you well into the future and are key to a successful career.

Completion of the Online Streaming portion takes one to nine months.  The program will move at the rate that the student is able to invest time and as quickly as his/her financial situation allows. Students must successfully complete the nine online courses prior to scheduling the 16-day residency portion. There are typically three or four opportunities each year for the residency portion.

Certified Protection Specialist (CPS) courses in the Online Streaming Program:

  1. Advances
  2. Crisis Management 101
  3. Crisis Management 201
  4. Corporate Communications
  5. Behavioral Intelligence
  6. Micro Expressions
  7. Estate Security
  8. Ethical Dilemmas and Business Plans
  9. Introduction to Defensive Pistol Skills

Online Streaming students are granted access to the ESI Online Streaming website to complete the courses. For only $200 to get started in the Certificate Program, the student is enrolled and granted access to the first course and then each additional course is just $150.  Individual courses for non-certificate students are $300 each.  Students with significant financial concerns can remain in the certificate program for only $75 per month, which allows access to one course every two months. Total tuition for the CPS Certification is $5,400, including nine online courses and the residency portion.

All ESI Online Courses have been reviewed in detail and approved by both the Colorado State Board of Education and the Veterans Administration. ESI is VA approved to accept Vocational Rehabilitation for our Online Program and/or Sallie Mae Federal Student Financing.  As an ESI Graduate, you will qualify for a lifetime of career assistance from our Employment Consulting staff, including resume assistance and access to our proprietary job board which is ONLY available to ESI graduates.  Graduates also have access to our Continuing Education Library, containing more than a dozen EP-related topics intended to keep you learning and enhance your skillset as your career progresses.

Total tuition for the CPS online Streaming/16-day residency Certification is $5,400

Course descriptions for required Online Streaming courses can be found below.

Behavioral Intelligence

This video-based training was filmed in the classroom as the Founder and President of ESI, Mr. Bob Duggan trained aspiring Executive Protection Agents.  Mr. Duggan spends several hours introducing and teaching the concept of Behavioral Intelligence, which is simply the skill of recognizing clues, mannerisms, and traits that indicate a Predator preparing to strike.  This early recognition allows the

Protection Specialist to plan and execute an interdiction prior to the strike, thereby eliminating the threat hopefully before the Client is even aware of it.  In addition to lectures, Mr. Duggan conducts simple exercises and demonstrations to drive home important concepts.


Micro Expressions: Learning to Hunt

mood expressions

Following the introduction to Behavioral Intelligence concepts, this video-based course continues the student’s training of students to be “Predator Hunters” using Behavioral Intelligence as the best method of identifying a predator and closing the distance to make preemptive intervention possible. The techniques require a mindset of funneling predators into a surveillance zone where contact can be made and a decision to go in hard or soft can be made.  ESI Founder and President Mr. Bob Duggan will lead Executive Protection Residency students through this training during classroom sessions.


Estate Security

homes on an island

Protection Specialists are sometimes called upon to not only protect a High Net Worth Individual, such as a CEO of a major corporation but also to protect his or her family and personal property as well.  This can include mansions, luxury apartments, compounds, yachts, etc.  Protecting individuals at home differs from protecting them in public or at places of business, and this course illustrates the differences while training Protection Specialists to do just that.  Mr. Barry Wilson of Anlance Security leads the lecture in this video-based course which includes demonstrations and a ‘virtual field trip’ to Mr. Bob Duggan’s home to demonstrate on-site considerations.


Introduction to Defensive Pistol Skills

Executive Security International executive protection shooting program

ESI staff produced and directed this three-hour introduction to our Defensive Pistol Skills course which is part of the On-line residency portion. The course is based on the ESI Manual written by nationally known shooting instructor, Dick Barber.  Mr. Tony Pagni, ESI’s Range Master, conducts this video-based series which trains students in the intricacies of semi-automatic pistols including choosing the correct weapon, understanding its operation and trigger systems as well as safe handling and operation.  Proper methods of drawing, gripping the weapon, effective shooting stances, and safe re-holstering are covered in detail to ensure students can safely become proficient during the Defensive Pistol Skills course in the Online residency portion.  Also included in this course are filmed training of students at ESI’s range as they are taken through a series of shooting drills, including practice rounds and final evaluations.  Each student will fire upwards of 1,000 rounds of ammunition during this residency course and this introduction will ensure students are knowledgeable and safe on the range.  CLOCK HOURS: 50


Considered as a single curriculum, the Executive Protection Program consists of an intensive study of executive, dignitary, and celebrity protection. On average, it requires one to nine months to complete the program, depending on when the student enrolls in the 16-Day Residency portion of the program.

Online Streaming Education courses and 16-Day Resident Training. If the student is enrolled in the Online Streaming Education format, the Program will move at the rate that the student is able to invest time in their studies. The student should complete the nine Online Streaming courses prior to arrival at Resident Training.

An ESI Credential is awarded for Certified Protection Specialist ™C.P.S, upon achieving a Grade Point Average of 80% or above.


The combined Online Streaming Education/Resident Training is designed to be completed in a nine to twelve-month period. The student may register in the program at any time and work as rapidly as is consistent with their schedule. Each course contains five to six Lessons, there are two factors that determine completion time. First, how fast the student studies because the courses will move at the speed that the student completes the course. The second factor is the finance program chosen. Courses are made available at the rate that the student pays for each course.

The Syllabus and testing are done online with interactive support from the Director of Educational Services if needed.
We recommend that you work at a steady pace to complete each course within the time frame allowed; on average, it will require 15 to 20 hours per week to complete the course on schedule.
ESI is approved by Sallie Mae, a federally approved student tuition loan company
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The cost of administration and initial registration is separate from the cost of the individual courses, which are itemized.