dog on a leash- personal protection

In executive protection, the services provided by certified protection specialists are referred to as personal protection services. Personal protection security personnel conduct necessary risk assessments and make appropriate recommendations to mitigate risks for high-net-worth clients allowing them to enjoy a vacation, going to and from work or attending an event safely.

A certified protection specialist who is providing a client with personal protection services will be responsible for the overall security and protection of their client, their families, and pets by performing threat assessments, risk assessments, and vulnerability assessments.

This means that you will need to be able to map out travel routes, understanding parking, entrances, and exits and having a backup plan should any issues arise. Your role can have a variety of responsibilities that include driving and concierge service, event facilitation, liaising with hotels, airports, venues, and venue staff all while safeguarding confidential information.

When working as a certified protection specialist providing personal protection services you might be required to travel domestically as well as internationally. With long hours, working nights, weekends and holidays, either by yourself as a solo agent or with a team of trained executive protection professionals.

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