training for protective security detail operations

PSD, what is it? PSD stands for Protective Security Detail. This is when a protective team is assigned to protect the personal security of an individual or group in a high-threat environment. PSDs can be made up of multiple federal and state government organizations, military personnel, law enforcement agents, and/or private security contractors or private military contractors. Protective Security Detail teams are often made up of private security personnel working for numerous contracting organizations; their internal and external security departments offer armed security teams to clients traveling to war zones and areas deemed dangerous by the State Department.

Protective Security Detail Training

Protective Security Detail personnel are often trained in:

  • Protective Operations
  • Low Profile Protective Details in High-Risk Zones
  • Threat Assessment
  • Personal Security Detail Operations
  • Protective Intelligence
  • Protective Shooting
  • Special Protective Issues
  • Counter-Surveillance
  • Formations/Working the Principal
  • Assault on Principal (AOP)
  • Security Posts
  • Identification
  • Communications
  • Control Tactics
  • Protective Equipment
  • Contingency Planning/ Managing Major Events
  • Special Mission Posts
  • Surveillance Detection and Countermeasures
  • Physical Security

There are special qualifications for people interested in starting a career in PSD protective operations, these qualifications often require a military background with an honorable discharge or if you are a civilian completing ESI’s 21 8-day executive protection residency, and the 21  28-day certified PSD protection specialist certification. If you would like more information on starting a career as a PSD specialist contact ESI at 970-242-9004.