There is risk everywhere and in everything we do, from driving to staying at home, or going to work. Close protection officers make it a part of their culture to be aware of all risks and manage them accordingly. There is a range of risk management solutions that may be required when providing executive protection services.

Home security assessment services ensure that any safety risks within our clients’ homes are managed accordingly. Home risk assessments often churn up safety risks that can be easily managed to maximize security, one should also be able to advise on installing various security solutions, such as:

  • CCTV Monitoring
  • Access Control Systems
  • Perimeter Control

In-Country Risk Management Reports

For clients traveling internationally, an executive protection provider should also include in-country risk reports that detail the safety risks that are unique to each specific environment. With this information, clients from abroad can make informed business and other decisions by taking these factors into account. You can create these reports by using the app from Safe-xplore. Apps such as Safe-xplore can provide detailed risks that would be important and of use to your specific client, the reports generated are not generalized and hyper-focused on your client’s demographics.

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