The Security Specialist Program is one of ESI’s premier programs and is the most comprehensive curriculum that ESI offers for those students that are wanting to find a position within the Corporate/Celebrity protection field. The Security Specialist combines the core programs of ;

Executive Protection
Corporate Security Management
Celebrity Protection

A Security Specialist is a “generalist” in the sense that the student can craft knowledge and job-related skills to a broad range of assignments in corporate/celebrity security. A protection specialist may be expected to perform a number of assignments for a client: provide executive or family security, close protection, threat assessments, conduct investigations, as well as interviews and interrogations. The Security Specialist Program allows for the full spectrum of practical skills and training to prepare the graduate for multiple tasks.

The Security Specialist Certificate Program consists of an option of two formats:

The student can attend the entire curriculum in a combination of three Residencies:
28 -Day Executive Protection, 21-Day Corporate Security Management
and 3-Day Celebrity Protection Residency programs.

It is possible to take the Residencies back-to-back or separately.