Analysis of Symbolic Language**

A Personality Profile Tool
A 6-Day Certificate Course

Barry Wilson, President
Anlance Protection Inc.

Overview of Course

Understanding Symbolic Language begins with the analysis of the many forms of communication ranging from the use of Iconic symbols, logos and gang graffiti to the most common form of communication – handwriting that reveal clues about the personality of the author. These forms of symbolic language provide the protection specialist with tools for investigation and risk management.

The skilled Executive Protection Agent understands that Knowledge in both proactive and reactive skills is Power. They also recognize that the more Knowledge Based Tools they possess, the more effective they will be at devising and implementing a Protective Strategy that will successfully defend their Clients.

This course in Analysis of Symbolic Language will allow the successful student to develop investigative tools of personality characteristics of any individual. The training opens a window into the authors of inappropriate communications. It will suggest avenues of further investigations of attitudes, thinking patterns, emotions and character history, which under normal circumstances could take months to uncover.

The Student should be prepared for an intensive course of both empirical and interruptive study taught through practical review of handwriting samples and scenario extrapolation.

Topics Covered:

  • Symbols & Communication
  • Icons and Gang Graffiti
  • Basic Handwriting Analysis
  • Introduction to Handwriting Analysis
  • Basic Empirical Study – Major Elements
  • Review of Introduction
  • Basic Empirical Study – Detailed Elements
  • Major and Detailed Elements
  • Skills Test – Empirical Study
  • Expanded Handwriting Analysis
  • Review of Basic Empirical Skill
  • Interruptive Analysis Skill

** Pending Approval