What do you envision when the word BODYGUARD comes to mind? For the majority of society, when you say bodyguard they picture a giant, towering hulk of a man protecting a celebrity from the glittering lights of fame and the dangers that can come with it. The bodyguard is a part of the entourage, untrained and often unprofessional, resorting to verbal and physical threats. According to ZipRecruiter, an Executive Protection Specialist provides security for corporate executives, VIPs, celebrities, and other people who need safeguarding against public threats. Increasingly, these threats are both physical and digital. You’re there to protect all of the client’s interests.  An executive protection specialist is trained to work as a solo practitioner or as part of a seamless personal protection unit to mitigate threats or risks through careful planning and awareness. A certified protection specialist is trained in de-escalation methods to anticipate challenges using mental and visual perimeters around their client as protective zones or layers. Executive Protection Specialists are trained in advances, surveillance and surveillance detection, low signature protective operations, behavioral intelligence and clues to dangerousness and protective intelligence operations.
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