Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) for Protection Agents**

A 6-Day Certificate Course

Rich Roth, CTI Consulting

Overview of Course

Information Security is a critical aspect of corporate operations, whether it is Voice, Data or a mixture of both. Every corporate security professional needs to have a working understanding of the problem and how to develop solutions. The First priority is to understand the problem… we then need to keep the information safe and secure. Corporate security agents use these skills at corporate headquarters, and as a part of the Executive Protection Protocols for teams in the field.

Risk Assessment of Technical Surveillance

This course will concentrate on teaching students how to conduct information Risk Assessments, as well as conduct basic Information Countermeasures. Basic TSCM skills will be taught using equipment staff can carry on assignments. Students in this ESI course will learn basic computer security countermeasures with software and available PCs.

bodyguard surveillance training

TSCM computer, online executive security training

wire tapping training

Covert Technical Surveillance Techniques

The course will cover basic covert surveillance techniques to give the student a working knowledge of issues they will be facing during the course. The legal aspects to both spying and countermeasures will be discussed to help insure that the students understand their responsibilities and the legal pitfalls of counter espionage casework.

This ESI course will cover the development of an espionage case from the point of view of the attacker and the methods used in developing their plan for acquiring the information they need. Each team in the course will be given an assignment of collecting information that is required from the victim for a successful attack. They will learn to utilize the extraction techniques in the most efficient ways to obtain the necessary information.

The instructors will teach the various technical means of gathering the information to include case studies of corporate espionage attempts and successes. Students will learn which equipment is the most applicable for the given assignment.

Sweep Equipment

Students will learn how to select instruments for a Go-Bag of espionage equipment and how the instruments are used to conduct a basic counter espionage sweep of executive suites and meeting sites.  The same scenarios will be used to show the students both the capabilities and limitations of counter espionage equipment.

Hacking Threat

Students will learn how Hackers acquire information from unsecure computers and the best practices to secure personal and business computers. Students will learn cyber security methods while on the road with traveling executives and how best to defend their own systems in the process.

Students will learn all of the above in practical exercises with team and individual applications. They will graduate from this course with a basic understanding of how to conduct technical surveillance sweeps of physical spaces as well as computer equipment and the legal implications in a corporate environment.

** Pending Approval