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This training package includes;

Surveillance/Surveillance Detection

Executive Protection Program

Corporate Security Management Program

Covert Protection Program

Add the 3 day Celebrity Protection Program for the Ultimate PLUS Program**

**This program is offered only 2 times per year.

This is the most comprehensive training package offered to the civilian market.  It will provide the skills needed to make you as marketable as possible.

$21,400 Ultimate      $22,650 Ultimate PLUS

The total cost of this program is within the yearly

VA educational cap.

“Can’t speak highly enough of the CPS Training I just Completed at ESI! I’ve been working in the EP/Security/Investigations field for 11 years, operating my own agency for the last three, and I think I learned more in a month with ESI than I picked up in the previous decade in the field. Well worth the investments. Thank you.”

Samuel B.

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