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Veteran Bodyguard Training Program

All Residency Courses VA Approved

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The Gold Standard in Protection

All Residency Courses VA Approved

Executive Protection Program
Certified Protection Specialist CPS™

ESI’s Veteran Bodyguard training and certification program is the Gold standard in the security industry. It is the most comprehensive, highest quality protection training available anywhere. For 35 years employers have been actively seeking out our graduates to fill their security needs.

Our comprehensive Executive Protection Program prepares you for a career in the security and protection industry. Below is a partial list of positions/classifications that apply to this type of training.

  • Executive Protection Agent
  • Security Manager
  • Event Security
  • Casino Security/EP
  • Self Employed/Entrepreneur- Security
  • Freelance EP
  • Estate Security
  • Residential Security
  • Intelligence Analyst
  • Corporate Security
  • Armed/Unarmed Static/Roving Security Guard
  • Covert Protection
  • Surveillance Detection
  • Investigations
  • Asset Protection
  • Risk Management
  • Force Protection
  • Close Protection
  • High Threat Contracting/ PSS
  • Protection/Security Medic
  • Protective Security Specialist
  • Watchkeeper
  • Guard Force
  • Anti-Terrorism Force Protection
  • Dignitary Protection
  • Security Specialist
  • Federal Jobs (DHS, and LE)
  • Law Enforcement
  • Access Control
  • Behavioral Analysis
  • Interviewer
  • Advance Specialist
  • Threat/Risk Assessment
  • Security Driver
  • High Value Transportation Specialist (Jewells, Furs, Art, etc.)
  • Legal Escort (EP for Attorneys and their clients)
  • Detail/Project Leader
  • Celebrity Protection
  • PSD Contracting (with the correct background)

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The Gold Standard in Protection

All Residency Courses VA Approved

Veteran Bodyguard / Executive Protection Program

Certified Protection Specialist CPS™

The Veteran Bodyguard / Executive Protection program is an integrated academic and practical training curriculum in executive protection, dignitary protection, personal protection and celebrity security. The EP training is completed in a 28-Day Residency located in Grand Junction, CO. You can also choose to take 9 modules of On-line training combined with 15-Days of Resident Training.

The objective of the Veteran Bodyguard / EP training is to prepare the ESI graduate for a career in corporate, executive, celebrity and dignitary protection. Other career alternatives include chauffeur, courier services, hotel and casino security, industrial and private estate protection.

This program is an intelligence-based protection program with special emphasis on corporate and international protection. The program also covers civil police, and military protocols as it relates to the principles of personal protection.

ESI’s training places special emphasis on Operational Intelligence as the basis of comprehensive personal and corporate security. ESI’s training stresses Preemptive Intervention skills with an emphasis on Behavioral, Predictive and Proactive Intelligence. ESI’s core philosophy is that these skills are indispensable to any protection program, and is what distinguishes a Protection Specialist from a Bodyguard. Moreover, it is what distinguishes ESI from practically from every other training organization in the business.

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The Gold Standard in Protection

All Residency Courses VA Approved

Employment After Certification

When choosing a training program, remember that average training usually yields average results. The simple fact is, the best training allows for the best job opportunities and the best on-going job success. In a recent survey of ESI graduates, we found that 90% were working in the industry within 8 weeks. ESI certification is well known in the industry and is sought after by employers in all levels of industry and government.

After completing your ESI certification, you will also be invited to join our Private Alumni Job board. We typically post over 100 jobs monthly to this board. We also have specialized recruiter services available at no cost to our graduates. We help get you started in your new career.

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The Gold Standard in Protection

All Residency Courses VA Approved

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From Our Students:

“It was amazing how many people in the Security Industry are familiar with the Outstanding reputation E.S.I. has!! I am convinced that I would not have made it this far without you and E.S.I.”
Cary K

“Again, I am so thankful for my experience with ESI…it has opened many doors for me. In fact, my last contract over in Iraq was with SOC and I saw a message on the ESI facebook site that talked about the value of training at ESI and pointed out that SOC actually put it in their employment announcement.”
Bill R

“A day doesn’t ever go by, that I don’t stop and thank God, for what you and all of ESI has done for me, in being the stepping stone into this incredible field. I’m the luckiest man alive, I’m cancer free and doing the one thing in life I love doing executive protection.”
Mark D

“No other EP related course or period of instruction on this complex art has even come close to fulfilling my needs in such an in-depth manner. This alone would be worth the cost of the program, but when coupled with the professional points of contact encountered in this unique field, it must be considered a bargain.If you are serious about breaking into this field of work, attend and earn your Certified Protection Specialist credentials through ESI.”
Hersh H

“I truly believe that ESI is the best school on the private side of the executive protection industry.Overall, the only other training that is equal to or surpasses that of ESI would be training given to anyone assigned to dignitary protection units in the federal government such as the Secret Services and State Department.

The point of this testimonial is to say that if you want to be the best at what you do then do not, I repeat, do not accept training that only gives you a limited resources or backing.”
Douglas J

“I wanted to wish everybody at ESI a Happy Healthy Thanksgiving. I am here in Japan on a one month assignment – again. I will always be grateful for the training I received at ESI for all this would not have been possible without it.”
Mark D

“……..I simply remind them that your body and mind can only react according to the training that it has be given, and after fifteen years of police training, I can truthfully say that ESI was the only training that helped me survive a gun fight that was never planned.

I am presently a licensed Private Investigator, and specialize in Executive Security. I will never forget what I learned in that short period of time”
Edward V

“I’d like to thank you and your staff for all the training and assistance that you have provided me with. I am currently employed as the General Manager of this Private Detective Agency. A job which I may not have gotten without the guidance from Hawk (Jonathan Hawkins, ESI Placement Director). While considering enrollment into ESI, many people were skeptic as to if you were just going to take my money, train me, and then kiss me good-bye. However, I have been finding out more and more about the recognition that ESI has as a school that fulfills what it promises.

I am so pleased with the training and assistance that ESI has given me, that I am making plans to return for the Intelligence Gathering course.”
Gerald P

“I have some good news. I was selected to be head of security for an import export company out of Canada. Your school was worth every dime……It’s made all the difference in my career and my life.”
Kenneth P

“Even so, at registration, I was still skeptical. I was dead wrong! The caliber of the staff, training, information, and even the students, was extremely professional … useful, current and tense. In the no-nonsense reality of this field, any security conscious person or corporation would be well advised to take a serious look at the programs offered by ESI.”
William C

“I have been a police officer for fourteen years and a training officer for ten. I have been to every kind of training, both federal and state, that is available to an officer with my department. I learned more during the last two weeks at ESI than all the previous fourteen years! I just wanted to say that to the class before I left.”
C.W. M

“I believe in your training. I believe I had the best training available, anywhere!”
Ron W

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The Gold Standard in Protection

All Residency Courses VA Approved

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