Crisis Management Course

What is Crisis Management? Crisis management refers to the identification of a threat to an organization and its stakeholders to mount an effective response to it.

In a global world, events can often be unpredictable and many organizations attempt to identify potential crises before they occur to design plans to deal with them. When and if a crisis occurs an organization must be able to change to survive.
Corporations large and small may run into problems that negatively impact their normal operations. A crisis can take many forms- an office fire, the death of a CEO, a terrorist attack, a data breach, a natural disaster, or a workplace shooting. These disasters can lead to tangible and intangible costs to a company in terms of lost sales, damage to its reputation, and a decrease in income.

Executive Security International emphasizes teaching crisis management during the Corporate Security Management certification.

The Crisis Management course teaches the state of practice of crisis management across corporate America, and how critical information and crisis is managed and communicated within an organization. The student learns how issues or management converge within the field of Executive Protection.

In addition to critical executive services, ESI students will learn the terms of major event security planning whether they are natural or human-made disasters; students learn the key roles of operations planning and responsibilities.