What Students are Saying

For over 41 years, ESI has produced the highest caliber of graduates in the security industry. Take a look at ESI student testimonials below.

I have had the desire to be a protector from a very young age.  As an adult I was fortunate enough to fulfill my dreams through ventures such as a DOD executive protection detail and volunteering in an African orphanage for two months, but after time I wanted more. 

After a thorough search, I determined that Executive Security International was where I needed to be.  In Aug/Sept of 2013 I attended the 28-day resident Executive Protection course.  This course gave me direct access to some of the most respected practitioners in the field of protection.  I learned to hone my protection skills, to think, to act and talk like consummate protector and I was given ample exposure to real scenario-based training exercises.  I also feel the instructors gave me plenty of constructive criticism, necessary for improvement.  I left the schoolhouse with confidence.

RW Fall EP

Hi, Fonda it’s Vince Shoemaker. I wanted to send you a letter to thank you and everyone at ESI for being so professional and willing to help me at anytime. Seeing that I was doing the distance learning from Ohio. The EP Course was exceptional and I learned an amazing amount of information that I had no idea that was going to be in the course. The classroom instructors were great and were so willing to help you in the classroom and in the field. I also wanted to that the guys (Mike and his crew) out on the range. The level of training that I received there was truly 1st class. So, if you could pass the word on that I am truly thankful for everyone’s help from ESI. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to be trained at the level that is need to be successful in this occupation. Thank you for your time, Vincent Shoemaker


Just wanted to take a quick minute to shoot you a thank you note.  I’m at WPS training for **** right now and I don’t think I would be here without you, and ESI.  Your reference letter definitely helped me out tremendously.  But what I am really thankful for is the training I received at ESI.  Everything we’ve done so far I have been a master at because of you guys.  The PSD school set me up for absolute success here.  I am leaps and bounds in front of my peers and I owe a great thanks to everyone there.  Another big thank you to the ESI firearms instructors, because I shot a 199/200 on both the drop leg holster and the conceal holster for the Glock Qualification Course.  The highest score in the class.  Your training, and your personal guidance, have truly been a game changer for me here.  Anyway thanks again for everything and I look forward to coming back for more training on one of my leaves, so make sure you save a spot for me! 

JH Spring EP and PSD

I got the job. I am pretty stoked. Loss prevention for the time being but with such a massive company I will be sure to rise through those ranks with ease given the tools I have been given by ESI and its staff. Thank you all again for everything. For your own records, I am working for Securitas USA. 

KO Spring EP, CCM, and PSD

A few days before the Superbowl, I received an email from JC Yancy, one of your graduates.  He reintroduced himself as we had meet during one of my instructional blocks there during a previous class.  He also sent me a brief packet of information on his security & transportation company and asked me to keep him in mind if I needed anything during Superbowl weekend in Arizona.  I elected to rebook my transportation needs though him during the busy event weekend.  

I am happy to say that JC and his company (Blasian) represented ESI extremely well.  He was on time, professional, and “performed as advertised”.  I did not tell my Advance man about the switch in companies (or the prior connection) and when he came back to inform me of the results of the driver briefing that we do at the beginning of every assignment, one of the first things he said was, “looks like this guy has some training” (It was JC behind the wheel of the limo in a two car motorcade).   

While I know ESI has quality graduates working all over, I just wanted to share with you a personal experience I had with one of them. 


Elijah Shaw, CEO

ICON Global