It is a common misconception that women do not make good bodyguards/executive protection professionals. When the opposite is quite true, women on a detail stand out less; most people will not notice a woman at the protectee’s side. They will believe that she is just an executive assistant when her job is to provide close protection. 

 Here is the top list of common misconceptions for women in executive protection:


A female bodyguard/executive protection professional is not as good as a male bodyguard.

Your gender does not define how well you will perform in this industry. What defines your success is your ability to network, adapt to your client’s needs or detail, and a willingness to never stop learning by taking continuing education courses.

It is hard for a female to break into the executive protection industry.

Again, just not valid; as with any profession, it takes networking, education and a well-polished resume, and, of course, knowing how to conduct yourself during an interview.

Women should only protect the children.

While children have different threat levels and sometimes insane schedules, anyone can provide protection for children. Gone are the days of the 6 foot tall bodyguard. Clients are looking for someone who doesn’t stick out in a crowd, who can think and act quickly on their feet. 

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